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Planning today for a better tomorrow.

For many small and medium sized businesses, a full-time CFO is not an option. This means there are many services that a CFO, or virtual CFO, would normally perform that may not be getting done. Budgeting, forecasting, restructuring, buying or selling a business, strategic planning, retirement, the list goes on and on. These are things we work on with our clients every day. 

 You have goals, we can help.


Budgets don’t have to be boring, and they’re not something you do once and never come back to again. We work with owners to create a budget that sees behind the numbers. The final product is not just numbers on a page, but a narrative that explains how and why these budgeted targets will be achieved. We will meet on a schedule that suits your needs to review budgeted vs. actual totals, and discuss what we need to do to get on track or take it to the next level. Proper budgeting is an invaluable tool to running a profitable business.

Strategic Planning

Often a byproduct of the budgeting process, we can take a step back with the business owner and discuss the company’s vision, mission, direction, and leadership. Determine what the core pillars of your company are, and connect the dots to how these pillars should lead to profitability. This process should involve not just the owner, but the owners trusted key employees and their teams as well. The result is a strategic road map with measurable goals, clearly defined accountability, and measures of success along the way.


Every business operates with limited resources. That limit may be time, qualified personnel, or money. We can help look into the future and predict how different deployment of resources may affect the finances of your company. We’ve helped clients determine proper new hires and affordable salaries, choose the right projects at the right pricing, and project cash balances as they’re entering reinvestment stages. No one has a crystal ball, but you may be surprised how much control you can have over your future just by planning ahead.


When is the last time you evaluated your entity structure both from a tax and operational standpoint? Many business owners operate the same way for decades, simply because it is how things have always been done. With an ever-changing environment it may be worth reevaluating if you’re set up in the most efficient way. Sometimes correcting an inefficient structure, even if no other changes are made, can save tens of thousands of dollars year over year.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Perhaps there is no more important time to have completely accurate numbers than in a merger or acquisition. Accurate numbers are crucial during a merger or acquisition. Small errors can have significant financial consequences, and multiple errors could result in millions of dollars at stake. We are experienced in handling mergers and acquisitions ranging from $1m to $110m, serving as both outside advisors and in-house due diligence teams. Our track record includes successful clean-ups, handling due diligence requests, and ensuring deals proceed smoothly.

Retirement & Succession Planning

It is never too early to plan for retirement. Many business owners assume their company will fully fund their retirement someday, and unfortunately this is not always the case. Industries shift, customers change, and betting that your company will be worth its peak value at the time you retire may be putting too many eggs into one basket. Let us work with you to determine the different steps you can take starting today to increase the odds of a successful and relaxing retirement.

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